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R101 Maiden uniteD
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So this is where it all starts: if you want to join us, please select the "Register Button" below. The process is easy!

  1. Select the package. After selecting the package, you can create an account and proceed with the checkout;
  2. Now the account is created, and you’re logged in instantly! Time to manage your member profile…
  3. On your dashboard, there’s a link to the page with you Member profile(s). After creating an account, there’s no profiles yet; you can add them with a simple click on the button “Add New”.
  1. Fill in the form to add your name,  favourite show/track/album etc., header image and add media (photo, audio, video);
  2. Here you can also add MuMuM (My Unique Maiden United Moment)
  3. Click the button (“Save Changes”) at the button of the form and you’re done: the profile is created and published online! All is set and done, your profile will shine in our display… Cheers and welcome!
Standard Package
€ 24,- per year