Eric The Viking


Eric The Viking


  • Name:   Eric The Viking
  • Country:   Australia
  • First show:   Iron Maiden Fan Club, The Dutch Convention 3, Dynamo, Eindhoven, 26-11-2006
  • Favourite track:  
  • Favourite album:  


My unique MU moment? A Thursday night, in my backyard in Eindhoven (I was still living in The Netherlands in those days), somewhere in May 2006 if I remember well. I was toying with the idea of organising another Iron Maiden Fan Club Convention, to raise money for the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund. Joey was visiting my place, and as always, our conversation had many twists and turns. I told him about my idea for another convention, and Joey mentioned that his band, Up The Irons, would love to play at the convention again. UTI played at the Dutch Convention 2 as well, a few years earlier.
I thanked him for the offer, but said that I would love something different. A tribute band is great, but not something really special or unique. This was the moment he mentioned he had been thinking about an acoustic Iron Maiden tribute. With many different artist, various songs, each with a different line-up. This would show the diversity in people / musicians that loved the music of Iron Maiden. The music from Maiden is what unites us, hence the name Maiden United.
I loved the idea straight away. This was what I had been looking for!
There are some tribute albums, where various bands cover Maiden tracks in different ways. On our many brainstorm sessions that followed, and many road trips we made to check out other bands, we listened to these CD’s, and discussed the songs, and arrangements, and I guess Joey’s creative brain must have been in overdrive, to come up with arrangements for various Maiden tracks.
The Dutch Convention 3 saw the first show from MU, and as they say, the rest is history.