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R101 Maiden uniteD
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When Maiden uniteD released the ‘Empire of the Clouds’ album the R101 was born again. The story about the biggest vessel was spread all over the world again by the Maiden uniteD performances and releases.

It all started in the Dutch Royal theatre Carre in Amsterdam at January 27th 2018. These live recordings you can hear on the album ‘Empire of the Clouds’. And by the reincarnation of the Airship, the R101 was reborn again…twice… As it is the name of the airship and it became our name as well.

As an R101 member you get close connection to Maiden uniteD. You will get your personal R101 pass. Special discount on Maiden uniteD related events. Discount on Maiden uniteD merch. And much more extra’s…

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Rene & Quincy
Hosts of R101 Maiden uniteD